At XPlus Cloud Solutions, we do not only develop, design, code and program software, we endlessly think of and collaborate on ways of solving the biggest problem in fieldwork. We serve industries that deploy personnel that work the field. Everyone in the office is guessing where their mobile workforce is and what they are actually doing out there. Deskbound executives are not really sure if their customer addresses on file are complete, and worse of all, if accurate. Throughout the history of commerce, managers have used data to make informed decisions.

The XPlus mobile solution totally eliminates the guesswork, increasing visibility into the activities and actions of field personnel and funneling rich, relevant and data-driven reports, all in real-time for timely decision-making and appropriate management action.

Our mission is to create and customize that one app for the customer who has differentiated needs, but who share common objectives with all our clients: dramatically increasing productivity, cutting costs while enhancing customer service. Today we provide the most actionable apps because we rise to every challenge and request from each valued customer. XPlus Cloud Solutions About XPlus Business Services Contact Us Customer Support FAQ Privacy Policy Terms of Service Copyright ©


XPlus Cloud Solutions is a B2B location-based services provider committed to supporting our clients’ business with integrated applied business intelligence, innovative mobile technology, and customized services and solutions. It is the innovator in the Philippines in the use of Android phones and tablets to greatly enhance the visibility of the mobile workforce.


XPlus Tracking has transformed the complexity of advanced GPS, satellite mapping, and wireless communications into a simple and straightforward application that provides accurate tracking and location services. Business enterprises, service providers, and even families can now have affordable and widespread access to mobile technology that delivers relevant data, security, safety and control benefits and advantages.


Our mobile solutions dramatically increase the productivity of field personnel and ground assets, expand the digital map of customer addresses, and protect lone workers, vulnerable individuals, and people at risk in all aspects of professional and private life.


XPlus Tracking is led by a team of executives with extensive wireless, sales and marketing, business development, operational, and logistics expertise & experience working together to deliver industry-leading solutions.