Mobile Salesforce Expert Solution

Mobile web app or native app that incorporates the track and trace platform, account mapping service and offers complete suite of data collection modules for sales ordering, inventory tracking, payment settlements, and merchandising monitoring.


Incorporates track and trace platform in a native app, monitors the trucks’ fuel consumption, transmits timely alerts for road assistance and reports anomalous and exception events.

Events, Activities and Task Application System

Professional selling system in a mobile web app that helps the salesperson manage contacts, calendar events, schedule tasks, and program activities to reach marketing and sales milestones. Features found in other mobile solutions may be added to this specialized application.


Hatood is a crowd-sourced delivery and transport service app that empowers clients, whether for personal or commercial purposes, to schedule pick-up & delivery, check status of delivery, and pay electronically. The delivery platform is available on any web-enabled device and Android applications. Businesses and individuals book deliveries or pick-up through the app and available drivers are immediately notified of the opportunity to offer their services and complete it.


A novel peer-to-peer web and mobile application that allows individuals without bank accounts or credit cards to locate mobile point-of-sales, in order to pay for goods & services and find mobile tellers, in order to fund wallets or get cash. The mobile tellers can earn money using the app to conduct business on-the-go e.g. eloading, bills payments, non-life insurance applications, etc. This innovative platform-as-a-service available to the MLM and coop industries is expected to especially benefit members, direct sellers and networkers.


A browser-based app that can be launched in a smartphone, laptop or desktop: Builds physician’s patient database, stores it in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access of the doctor to his patients histories. It calendars patient appointments, and monitors daily collections and receivables. Dispensing MDs can now track purchases and inventory, and receive automatic notifications when stocks are low.

Customized Solutions

Tell us what you need and we will build it for you. No work order or customer modification request is too small or too big and we consider every job as a challenge and so far, we have had 100% success!